aplicacao-de-botox     Botulinum toxin is a toxin originally extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that, has the effect of weakening and paralyzing the muscles, started to be used for various purposes in medicine. Its use has been made well known for aesthetic effects in the treatment of wrinkles, fine lines, facial lines and contour of eyebrows.




1. What are the aesthetic indications for Botulinum Toxin?
     Due to its muscle paralysis capacity, Botulinum toxin is used in cases of severe wrinkles formed by facial expression.

2. What are the areas of the face that can be treated?
     Generally, a Botulinum toxin session can treat:
• Forehead wrinkles: wrinkles formed on the forehead when making expressions of anger, astonishment or even at rest.
• Eyebrows: depending on the Botulinum toxin application, one can corrected and raise eyebrows, increasing their arch. In men, we keep a straighter design.
• Glabellar wrinkles: wrinkles are formed between the eyebrows, giving an aspect of “anger”.
• Orbicular wrinkles: these are the “crow’s feet” wrinkles formed on the sides of the eyes when smiling. The treatment of this region allows for greater opening of the side of the eyes, giving a more rested appearance to the face.

botox-marla-de-aguiar3. Will I lose the ability to have facial expressions and be left with a “frozen” face?
     No. All patients will continue being able to express their emotions such as: smiles, frowns, fright; however, they will no longer have wrinkles in areas that are treated when they express such feelings.

4. How does Botulinum toxin application work?
     Skin cleansing is performed in the office, and an anesthetic ointment is applied on the face that relieves the discomfort of the needle stings. We ask the patient to do some facial expressions such as a smile and a mad face, to circumscribe the areas to be addressed. Later, cleans the face once more and apply the injections containing the Botulinum Toxin to these points. The patient may feel some discomfort during the injections, but it will disappear after 3 to 5 seconds. Botulinum toxin effects begin to be felt after about 48 hours. Its effect will be full around the 15th day, when we ask the patient to return to the office to evaluate their degree of satisfaction and the potential complementary applications needs.

5. How long do its effects last?
     Botulinum toxin has a duration ranging from 4 to 6 months, and may extend beyond that period.

6. Is there a risk of leaving the lips too large?
     No. Botulinum toxin has the effect of paralyzing some previously established muscle groups. It is not applied in the regions of the lips. It is often confused with aesthetic fillers, which aim to give volume to some areas. But the effect is quite different between them, although one can supplement the effect of the other.

botox-sao-paulo7. What are the main differences between Botulinum toxin and Fillers?

Paralyzes some muscle groups Increases the volume of some places
Botulinum Toxin Hyaluronic Acid
Wrinkles Areas with little volume
4 to 6 months 18 to 24 months