protese-de-gluteo-em-sao-paulo   The gluteal prosthesis or augmenttion gluteoplasty is the plastic surgery responsible not only for the increase, but also the improvement of the buttocks contours.




1. What type of anesthesia is used for Gluteus Prosthesis?
     The Gluteus Prosthesis is, in most cases, carried out by blockades such as epidural and spinal anesthesia, and both are the same anesthesia used during C-sections. In some specific cases, general anesthesia may be necessary.

protese-de-silicone-para-os-gluteos2. What are the scars?
     The scar is hidden in the intergluteus groove (groove formed vertically between the buttocks). Measures approximately 7 cm.


protese-de-gluteo3. Can prosthesis be visible?
     No. The prosthesis will be located behind the gluteus maximus muscle, completely covered by it. Therefore, you cannot view it through the skin.

4. When will the stitches be removed? 
     For this type of surgery we use absorbable sutures, that is, wires that are degraded by the body after a few weeks. Thus, the stitches do not need to be removed, they will disappear by themselves.


5. Is the surgery very painful?
     No. We will prescribe common painkillers that should be taken prophylactically in the early days, that is, before any discomfort appears.

6. Does the incision get very swollen and purple?
     In the first 5 days, edema (swelling) and ecchymosis (purple) may be present. But, this will depend on how each patient responds to surgery.

7. How long does the surgery last?
     From 2 to 3 hours.

8. How long will I need to stay in hospital?
     From 12 to 24 hours.

9. When can I sit and lie on my back again?
     The patient may sit after 14 days of surgery. In the first days, the stitches are still very recent and can be broken if pressed. Laying on your back again will be authorized after 30 days.

10. Do I have to use compression garments after surgery?
     Yes, use of belt (surgical shorts) after surgery should be carried out for 30 days.