carboxiterapia-em-sao-paulo     Carboxitherapy is the cosmetic procedure carried out by the injection of carbon dioxide into different layers of the skin. The method is used since 1777 for skin treatments and, from the first scientific observations, showed efficacy in tissue regeneration and blood circulation improvement.



tratamento-de-carboxiterapia-aparelho1. How does carboxitherapy work?
     Carbon dioxide acts by dilating the existing blood vessels and stimulating the formation of new vessels; It increases blood flow to the site, and promotes greater irrigation and oxygenation of tissues. The gas acts by breaking fibroses, stimulating collagen and elastin, and can have a lipolytic effect (breakdown of fat cells) when injected more deeply.

2. What are the indications for carboxitherapy?
     Carboxitherapy has great effects in the improvement of stretch marks, cellulite, small localized fat and sagging skin.

carboxiterapia-clinica-marla-de-aguiar3. How is carboxitherapy applied?
     Carbon dioxide is inserted through the skin by an extremely fine needle, causing a small burning sensation at the application site; however, the pain is momentary and lasts only about 5 to 7 seconds. There is no need to rest, so the patient can return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. The treatment is performed in sessions, and the amount and frequency depend on the purpose of treatment and the areas to be treated.

4. Is the treatment is very painful?
     The carbon dioxide injections are followed by discomfort in the location that disappears after a few seconds. We conduct prior application of anesthetic creams to make the procedure more comfortable.