1. Can I be left with extremely large lips?
The goal of treatment with fillers is to make the lips more harmonious with the rest of the face. During the medical consultation, it is important to report your expectations and desires to the doctor. Everything will be done as agreed between the patient and the doctor. Remember, for the first few days there will be a natural swelling of the site, giving the impression of a larger volume. Therefore, we stress the importance of ice packs in the first hours to alleviate this symptom.



preenchimentos-esteticos-marla-de-aguiar2. How long does the result of filling last?
Hyaluronic Acid is a product fully absorbed by the body over a period ranging from 18 to 24 months, and may even extend beyond that time.





preenchimentos-esteticos-clinica-sao-paulo3. How is the application of fillers performed?
Skin cleansing is performed in the office, and an anesthetic ointment is applied on the face that relieves the discomfort of the needle stings. We ask the patient to do some facial expressions such as smiling, to circumscribe the areas to be addressed. Later, we apply local anesthesia in some specific points, so that there is no discomfort during the injection of the filler itself.

Fillers The Fillers are sterile and specific “gels” that are injected in some places of the face in order to increase its volume. Currently, the most commonly used filler, due to its safety and its foreseeable effects is Hyaluronic Acid. In the family of hyaluronic acids, we can find various gels What are the areas of the face that can be treated? There are several areas that can benefit from the fillers, such as: • Tear Trough: This is the region of the “dark circles”. Often, the darkening of the region is caused by lack of volume and the formation of a “shadow” in that area. A small amount of filler can solve this problem. • Malar Region: are the “cheeks”, a region where women usually apply Applying fillers to this region will result in a younger and triangular face. • Nasolabial Sulcus ( “Chinese mustache”). • Lip Furrow (“puppet lines”). • Lips: Improves the contour, shape and volume, and can give lips a more “meaty” print. • Outline of the jaw: giving more volume to this region will leave the jaw more defined, and can solve small problems of excess skin there. • Menturn: the chin. For patients who wish to increase the length and / or width in this location. • Nose: small filling points can correct small things, increase the nasal tip and give the feeling of reducing the size of the nose.